Komenda – a win for a new motivation

Yesterday I went to Komenda for a running match. Nothing special, you will say. :) But believe me, for me it was darn special.

For the last month or two I was experiencing something I could never imagine I would. It is kind of scary even to write it down: the lack of motivation. :S I got tones of work in this period of time and it was really stressful for me. All this different seminars, projects, organizations, phone calls, meetings … I loved every minute of it but it was not easy.

I was running all this time but each time it was a struggle inside of me. That dreadful question was constantly crumbling my sporty world: “Why the f… am I doing this?” Because of the work I missed psychological energy to boost myself for trainings. And another thing is threatening me: my knees hurt me. Like all the time. Every time I stand up from a chair, I need a few moments to start walking normally. :S I have started to be afraid of my health. :( So I was skipping trainings and this week, as a peak of it, I had only one training. A bad one.

And then Dejan invited me to yesterdays Komenda marathon and said I could win. I chose 5 km route, it’s my favourite. I did win! And the result was good so the motivation returned. :) I still got it! This competitiveness that is crucial.


Komenda tek

Komenda tek

Today I was running. Slowly. I have to train myself not to run fast all the time. And it was good. And tomorrow is another day. Another training. Motivation, welcome back!

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