Hi guys!

My name is Rudi and I have been friends with Manca for more than five years now. During this time I got to know her pretty well, so I will share some interesting details about Manca with you.

In the first place, Manca is a very open-minded and cheerful person. These are her main characteristics, which always seem to impress and even inspire me. In practice, this means that hanging out with Manca nine times out of ten represents a memorable and amusing experience, which sticks in your mind for quite a while. She is intelligent and hungry for knowledge, but on the other hand she doesn’t take herself too seriously and doesnt’t mind a laugh or two on her own account. Well, that’s about enough of compliments for one day, I think. :)

The interesting thing is that Manca and me traveled together quite a lot in the last few years. We wandered around Morocco, got lost in mystic Iceland, stole a car in the beautiful island of Sardinia and enjoyed  the company of easy going and friendly people in Turkey. But lucky for you, Ljubljana lovers, Manca has only recently apparently grown a fetish for the Slovenian Capital city, Ljubljana.

I don’t know the reason, maybe it’s because she moved here about a year ago, or maybe not. Manca is full of secrets, I forgot to tell you that. :)

Rudi, Ljubljana


I know Manca more than a half of my life, which means more than 16 years! From the time being a totally crazy roommate in boarding-school to nowadays, so I think I know something about her.

Manca is one of my ever-lasting and one of my closest friends. She is a very faithful friend, indeed. She is cheerful person and a person really full of energy. If you are low with it, call Manca and you will feel much better! :) In last years she has become desirous for new challenges in her life. Some in terms of business and some in her private life. I hope her dreams will come true. Also her dream to run faster and faster and a dream to become sucessful business-woman.

Manca is an interesting person and for sure she will be happy for all of your contacts.

I must say – I like and I love her. :) We experienced many good things and many unforgetable moments together and many, I hope, are yet to come.

Sara, Ljubljana

I have met Manca on July 2014 on a most interesting way. :) She was my competitor on the Soča Outdoor Festival, running competition. She finished as an absolute winner and I as the second. We were complete strangers when we congratulated each other on the podium, but just after a few words I felt like we have known for years.

Manca is an energetic person, ferocious athlete, always ready for new challenges. She holds an incredible amount of good will inside of her and emits a lot of positive energy. Manca has the need to be constantly doing something, and does not know, what is like to be bored. She is highly motivated and hard working in every aspect of life, private and business. What she wants to do, she does it.

In a very short period of time we have spent so many nice, funny and sporty moments together. I have found a friend for sharing my interests, ideas, goals and activities. With her I can communicate without words.

Isabel, Sečovlje

I have known Manca for three months now. We met at startup community event in begining of April in my hometown Kočevje. Instantly she left a strong impression on me.

In this short period of time I got the privilege to get to know her better. I must say she is one of the most energetic and interesting people I have ever met in my life.

There is one thing certain, hanging out with her, always expect unexpected. She is a real energy booster, looking for new adventures on every step ahead of her. A mixed combination of cheerfulness, selfbelief, adventurous spirit and goofiness makes her one of a kind. Spending time with her forget to sit around doing nothing, because she will always find something to keep you under the edge.

Her weirdest hobby is inventing new phrases and words. This is one of the most amusing things ever, she is constantely looking for new words to combine and redefine. Her latest state of the art word is »Čebeličanje« or »Beeing«, the closest synonim for this is networking with other people. :)

She is one true friend!

Dare, Kočevje