Wandering around in jogging shoes

Once in a while I like to go running and sightseeing at the same time. When I feel the need to go beyond the usual running trails to see a new tree or a gorgeous little path. :) Sounds familiar? When running is not a training, but simply moving your body and exploring the world. :)

Last sunny day I went to my usual PST trail. Suddenly I felt the need to take the little path on the right of the stairs that leads to dunno where. :) I stopped and walked slowly and with a expectation of a child opening the Kinder Surprise. :) I was walking on the grass and got to the little forest. I was awesome. Nobody around, just a lonely bench and a tiny fireplace. When I went a charming path was ahead of me.

A fairytale path

A fairytale path

I felt like that kid that got the very toy he needed to complete that toy collection! :D And after the path and a pretty forest I found the gardens. Ahhhh …. so peaceful! Again nobody was there, only the flowers, sun and … the vegetables. :)


Beautiful flowers ... can you spot the Ljubljana castle? :)

Beautiful flowers … can you spot the Ljubljana castle? :)


I was scrolling around, feeling like a total stranger to the place. It hit me not far away when I got to the top of the hill and saw a big grocery store on the right side. :P Yes, Manca, you are in Ljubljana, not on a Moon or something. :)

The other day I again was running with a pause. This time I checked out a new bar in Ljubljana: Špica Caffee. The famous musicians were there, the mayor and other important people. ;)

Špica caffee

Špica caffee*

I sat on the stairs and observing visitors listening to the music, dancing and socializing. As well did I. Whit my smart phone taking pictures and texting.

Špica - a renovated place in Ljubljana

Špica – a renovated place in Ljubljana

Sitting by Ljubljanica

Sitting by Ljubljanica

I should do this more.

*I took this picture from their Facebook page.

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