The content – the queen and the king in online marketing

Since I don’t work from 9 to 5, I have this sweet opportunities to attend different marketing events. I pick every from two hours to all dayers such as the last InOrbit seminar I attended this week. The main point of the entire day was how content is important for a successful marketing.

Well, nothing new about this for me, but there was some really inspiring themes. But first things first. :) The event took place in Kolosej, the biggest cinema in Ljubljana. There were almost 500 attendees, which is not so surprising since there was no fee to it. ;) The programme was very tight, too tight in my humble opinion. There were 13 speakers and each had less than half an hour for the performance which is actually too little if you want to make a point.

Speakers of the InOrbit seminar

Speakers of the InOrbit seminar

The main themes were lead generation, lead nurturing, analytics and optimization. I am familiar with almost every concept they were talking about, except of few. Those are mainly abbrevations like PRM, TOFU, STP, RFM and NSAMCWADLP. :D The latter means “Never start A Marketing Campaign Without A Dedicated Landing Page.” This is something special, memorable and especially true.

What was really interesting for me is the way the organiser of the event measures their blog. With Google Analytics e-commerce, which is originally meant for the web shops not blogs. How do they do it? They numerically evaluate each blog post with number of words and from then on the magic begins. I cannot recall all of the stats they had shown us in the report, but data seems to tell simply everything. So for each post it can be read exactly how many readers have read it, if they scrolled to the bottom of it and so forth.

That is why I keep on going to these seminars, so please, speakers, give us some more of this! :)

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