Secrets of a good PR finally revealed

Last week I attended a workshop about Public Relations. I was one of the 7 participants (a fairytale number :) ) and practically the only one with no experience in this field. :)

I came with an invitation to meet again with the lecturer who I met about a year ago when I was working for the web agency. And to see how others perform these kind of workshops. I went with no expectations for gaining new knowledge and I was surprised with the outcome. :) We even got the certificate! :)

We started with the theory about the relationships with journalists. How we have to respect them and how we can make their work easier instead of harder. I found out that I really have no idea about the PR world: how to communicate with journalists, what kind of texts PR experts write, what are the main points of writing for public relations and so on.

Huh, the exercises made me realize that is is damn hard to write without unnecessary words. Especially that task, when we had to present ourselves in a 60 seconds. Have you tried? :) Try it, it is hard when you have to summarize the experience, knowledge, skills and everything else, that makes us unique. I tried and tried, and still I havenn’t managed. :P This weekend I am going to write this elevator pitch. :)

And besides the new writing skill I was observing Andreja and her leading ability . She has some great methods that I will implement in my workshops. These kind of education si really something I want to do more!


The certificate of participation

The certificate of participation

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