River Kolpa – a guide to its source


Kolpa river is a treasure. Close to my hometown, Kočevje, flowing in not touristically developed area in South. It forms a natural border between Slovenia and Croatia. It is 297 kilometres long, with its border part having a length of 118 km (source: wiki).

OK, enough of encyclopedia-kind of blog post. :P The thing is I went to Kolpa source this summer (here you can find some pictures >>) and as a tourist I was a bit dissapointed about the information given. You can practically dig like a wombat through all the internet pages, but none seem to have relevant info. That’s why I decided to write a blog post with a detailed instructions about the way. It is a really nice half day trip to find some peace and green colour of Kolpa. Or, as a friend of mine always says: “Little things, nothing bigger.”

Are you ready to drive? :) Fasten your seat belts and let’s go!

I will set Osilnica as a starting point. Take a look at the Google Maps for the directions.

1. From Osilnica to the border

Once you get to Osilnica take direction to the border with Croatia called Zamost. Right after you will show your ID drive to the bridge and then turn left.

2. From Zamost to the woods

After few hundresd metres you will get to the crossroads where you turn right. You will see this two signs on your left side.

Kolpa source - crossroads - turn right

Kolpa source – crossroads – turn right

Kolpa source - crossroads - turn right

Kolpa source – crossroads – turn right

Then drive on the local road in the woods. There are no direct signs due to the natural disaster last year when the ice broke down the woods and the information tables. Watch out for the red cross and the table on the left side: turn left and proceed on the local road.

Kolpa source - by the cross turn left

Kolpa source – by the cross turn left

3. From the woods to the parking

After a while you will come to a minor ypsilon crossroads. Proceed straight forward to the slope down. You will see this sign on the left:

Kolpa source sign - turn left

Kolpa source sign – turn left

You will be driving through the remote village and if you are lucky you get those looks from the locals saying “Who are you? Aaah.. a tourist … OK then, enjoy!” They will nodd to say hi and immediately return to what they were doing. :) Don’t miss this sign on the way:

Kolpa source - sign - go ahead

Kolpa source – sign – go ahead

.. just keep going, you are not far away from the parking. The source is in the national park Risnjak, what you can experience a bit later. Stick with me. ;)

4. From the parking to the Risnjak house

When you drive to this table:

Kolpa source - park and go on foot :)

Kolpa source – park and go on foot :)

… go back a few metres and park. :) You will go on foot from here. Do not worry, it is not far away. ;) You won’t need more than half an hour (well, photoshooting and selfieing natural beauty is not included :D). The road is not steep and it gives many beautiful panoramas to the river Kolpa. You can take your children with you, or your dog. :) There are a few stairs but it is not like hundreds of them. ;)

Tell us already, what is the special experience! :) Oh, right. :) When you come to a nice glade next to Kolpa, I am pretty sure that a woman will start to run to you. :D She is not a lunatic, although she shouts “hello” in all the languages :D. She is a really kind national park Risnjak represenative. :) She will acompany you to this house:



… when you pay around 6 € entrance fee and get some information about Risnjak activities. hint: it is a convenient place to go to the toilet. ;)

5. From the Risnjak house to the source

When you are done with chitty chatty with her proceed on the path by the river. Stop for a moment on the bridge and take some pictures and take a deep breathe. You are really close now.



Here somewhere are the stairs and just beyond the beauty appears.

Beautiful green Kolpa source

Beautiful green Kolpa source

You are here. :) Kolpa gives you a warm welcome. And so does this information table. :) Kolpa is 7 degrrrrrrees cold here. Be brave and step in. I was brave to even shoot a short movie about it. :D


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