Open Kitchen – my favourite place from March to October

In Ljubljana spring brings a special event on Pogačar’s square on Fridays – Open Kitchen. It is a very successful project, that has been around for three years, and is a heaven on Earth for gourmets. Many slovene and other cuisines find their space on air, cooking their specialties in front of visitors.

Open kitchen - Pogačar square

Open kitchen – Pogačar square

It has become not just a place for tasting different food, but especially a social spot when you can meet friends, acquaintances or even business partners. And they all share the same goal: being around people with same interests, tasting new dishes, perhaps have a glass of wine and socialize.

I must admit I am a huuuge fan od Odprta kuhna. :) I follow them on every social media and every time I go there it makes that week complete.

This years first time I went alone. It was around noon, sunny day and I thought to myself, you go girl, work can wait. ;) So I went their, scrolling around different restaurants and trying to avoid the crowd. And when I say crowd, I really mean crowd! It’s like the entire Ljubljana is there. I met Luka, an acquaintance of mine, on the stand of the restaurant Gastuž. I tried their ričota, a tasty risotto with barley insted of rice with trout and wild garlic. Mmmmmm :D


Ričota - barley, trout and wild garlic

Ričota – barley, trout and wild garlic

And of course there has to be a dessert: miška. I don’t think I can translate this. :D

Miška with strawberry sauce

Miška with strawberry sauce

Instead of going to bar toa grab a coffee I rather go to Open Kitchen with my friends. It make Ljubljana even cuter than it already is. :)

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