New Year Lights on Preseren square

What I deeply like about December, are the lights. I never attend the famous lighting of in the centre, because it is too crowdy. But then entire month I enjoy strolling or running in the centre and looking at the lights. Ljubljana becomes even more magical. And everytime I visit the centre I admire more the pink church – Franciscan Church of the Annunciation. It gives the face of the capital. The Preseren square gets such a charming look because of this church. And when the sun light goes to sleep and welcomes the New Year light, the church shines in all her beauty.

Isn't it magical? :)

Isn’t it magical? :)

I love the city in this time of year. It gives to the people so much. You can go out and enjoy in company of friends, have a hot wine and perhaps a hot-dog. :) To warn you, the wine has different taste in each stand and quickly you can choose the worse. :P It can be too expensive (2 € is a lot) or too sweet. The biggest fear, though, is to get a glass of wine with too many water mixed in it. :D I like strolling on panorama streets and look at the crowd, having fun. And it is not cold ouside, actually it is really warm for this season, which helps if you are standing.

Today I went for a glass of hot wine with my mum. I must say she is not such an admirer of the lights, she prefers shopping. :P


Lights, that light my heart :)