My photoshooting like a Hollywood star

Well, at least that was my wish. :P OK, first things first, why in the world do I need photoshooting?? :D Simply because I need a web site. And for having a nice, trendy, professional web site you need nice, trendy, professional photos. Especially if you sell knowledge about web marketing. :) I can’t imagine having a web site, that contains blurry pictures and a crappy content. No way!

So I engaged two of my friends, one for the web site production and the other for the photoshooting. I asked Dejan for the room and on Sunday was the movie star day. :) We started on 9 a.m. and finished on 3 p.m. :) We had different series of photos, one at the table, at the board, with white background, grey background, outside … :) I must say that models have a quite hard job. :P It is exhausting to smile all day with no particular reason. :D

It was a long session, that’s for sure. We took a looot of photos, but for now I only have one. :) The photographers don’t like to share unedited photos, so he sent me only one. I am using it as the LinkedIn profile picture.

My new profile picture for social media

My new profile picture for social media

We finished an allday session with lunch in Piazza in Bežigrad district. :)


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