My new freelance office – CTK library

The holidays are over, and the time for changing focus is here. :) Really, I mean seriously, it is the end of partying, non-diet hot wine and sleeping in the middle of the day. :D Now it’s time to do some business!

I have noticed that I am becoming more and more unproductive by working at home. From the morning until midnight I sit in front of my computer and the concentration is getting less and less effective. I am sure you know what I mean. :) From Facebook to daily news, to Youtube and searching for the lyrics of a great song (and singing it) … All these tabs in my browser and nothing can wait! :D The song must be sung and FB news feed cannot wait to be scrolled! :P

So, I have a solution: not working at home. Obviously. :) And I found a great place with the working vibe one can never have at home: the CTK library. The abbrevation stands for Centralna Tehnična Knjižnica, in English Central Technical Library. It is located in the heart of Ljubljana, next to market Maximarket. I am probably one of the oldest visitors due to all the students :P, but I don’t mind. There I have a computer with Internet and the silence I need for working. Oh, I must tell you this: guess which is the only browser available … mhm, Internet Explorer! :D It feels like a hundred years ago. :) But it is great, I have been there twice, but it will definitely become my every day habit.

And what is really good about it that nobody asks me, what am I doing, why I come there … Everybody minds his own business.

My new office - CTK

My new office – CTK

I found these photos on library’s FB page.