My bike ride to the seaside

I have a new sporty love … cycling! I don’t have (yet) a bike on my own (The city bike doesn’t cout :P), so I had to rent it from my friend.

I had a challenge for this year: to ride to the seaside by myself. So I packed my stuff, grab a backpack and went! :D

What a ride it was. No helmet, of course, some steep slopes (the slope on Planina just wont’t end :P) and just a few short stops made my Friday, 9th October. It was just the right temperature for cycling. I stopped only by one attraction, a Ravbar’s tower.

Ravbar's tower from a far

Ravbar’s tower from a far

Ravbar's tower from very close

Ravbar’s tower from very close

Otherwise I was just cycling and loving every kilometer! And when I got to Portorož, I pedaled the 135th klometer, so I took a turn to the centre to count more than 140. :P I gathered 141 km, which is by far my longest ride! Yeeey!

Koper panorama - almost at the finish line

Koper panorama – almost at the finish line

I already have the next challenge, but it will have to wait until spring … :( It is of course longer, so Ineed a looong day. ;) Where am I going? Let me keep it as a secret for now. ;)


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