Ljubljana on a peaceful Sunday evening

I had a very good plan for yesterday: a morning coffee with my friend, lunch, another coffee with another friend, then ironing and writing some spam mails. Khm, not the illegal ones, though. ;) But those mails, that keep my business alive. Mails for cooperations. Well, I missed my point. The plan was all set. And it went well until lunch. I could never skip my meal, of course. :P The problem was that my friend for the second coffee (well, to be honest, the third, I had two in the morning J) canceled our meening. Which meant that the rest of my day will be different. And without going out twice. I thought to myself that this just means more things will be done and I will have a less tight Monday. But in the evening my head was full of staring at the computer and I needed to go out. Oh, and it was an off-running day.

So what to do? I don’t like walking by myself, so I found myself a perfect company. Of a third friend. Not for the third coffee, ha ha. J So, it was Sunday evening, around 9 pm and we went to the center. My favourite scroll, that I walked so many times.


Ljubljana, beautiful even when alone

Ljubljana, beautiful even when alone

But there was something different about it. The lights were still there. None of the buildings have moved. J The dark was as dark as usually … Then I noticed: the emptiness. Very few people were out in the centre, even on the Preseren Square which is usually full of tourists. But yesterday, almost nobody. I was feeling very funny with my camera trying to make a perfect picture of the castle with the hanging lights in the middle of Congress Square. My friend couldn’t stop laughing at me acting like a lost tourist. J

It was really quiet. Even on the evenings like that I like Ljubljana. Because of her ability to be perfectly honest. She doesn’t pretend to be a capital of million. But she proudly stands small, alone, quiet, humbly welcoming me, my friend and few others, searching for whatever.


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