Jogger diary – week Nr. Have no idea

My hurting leg made me forget which week is in turn. :D Well, doesn’t matter anyway. I have finally started to train again. I cannot say I run normally, because I am still not completely OK, but let’s say I am back in town. :P

I was jogging that day with Dejan and Neja and now my knee hutrs on the other leg. :S OMG, does this come with age?? :P I guess this is how it goes if you want to be fast. If it isn’t right leg, it’s left. :P I believe it will be OK sooner or later. Again I was listening to myself (not Dejan, who says run untill it hurts), and waited two days for the pain to stop. And it stopped! :D

Well, I will see today, when I go running on snowy pavements. Hopefully it will be OK. Have you fingers crossed!

Snowy running

Snowy running

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