Happy jogger diary – Week No. 8 – the physiotherapist

Oh well, for the last two weeks I cannot say that is a happy diary. :( I still feel the pain in my forefoot. I run perhaps two time per week (I ouhgt to traing six times per week!) and I have this awful feeling, that my strenght and stamina are leaving me slowly, but persistently … I know, I am overreacting. Dejan would probably be rolling on the floor laughing if he would read this. :) Right, Dejan?

OK, I will stop whimper now … :) What I wanted to post for this week is tht I visited a physiotherapist yesterday. And not just any physiotherapist, but Matej Čebokelj from Celje, who is said to be THE physiotherapist in Slovenia. Dejan and Neja’s crew are using his services, so he recommended Matej to me.

I was there for two hours. At first he was figuring out, what is wrong. And the explenation was that some small bones have moved in my forefoot and that supposed to be the reason of my pain. Hm, I thought so, too. For no reason whatsoever. Btw, that fumbling hurts. :S The second part was the laser, that was warming my leg for about half an hour and the last step were two series of the cupping therapy. That hurts, too.

Well, tomorrow I will try running and then we see, how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

At the physiotherapist Matej Čebokelj

At the physiotherapist Matej Čebokelj



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