Happy jogger diary – Week No. 3

»Why the hell do I need this??« Does it sound familiar? :) I don’t ask myself this a lot, but this Saturday I had my weak moment … It was a crazy week, I am heavily ocupied with planning my future career, which means hours and hours of researching on google. And for 3 days I was working in a congress of real estate business in Portorož. The entire week I had a lack of sleeping, which has obviously left its consequences. And above all, I made a mistake, because I was running uphill in Sečovlje which was not planned for this week.

The point is that I went to Murska Sobota together with Neja to attend a running competition. Well, not in Murska Sobota, but in a small village called Bratonci. I went there with the belief that no good runners come to this matches. How wrong I was! :S With all my strenght I ended as the 9th L I don’t know how many were there, but I was dreaming of a medal … Another bumping into the fact, this time to the fact that I am still no professional athlete. So much younger athletes than me attended this competition and outran me with ease.

Always look on the bright side, I know. :) I do. I learned one thing: I have to train. Harder.