Happy jogger diary – Week No. 2

The second week of my jogging diary didn’t bring anything special. On Monday I had my training inside together with the group doing circle functional exercises. This comes as a welcome change in my series of trainings. Although you can imagine this hour of training can be pretty hard, but I constantly have something on my mind: my goal for the next year.

On Wednesday I had to go to Kočevje, so I was on my own for the exercises outside. I went to the mini stadium and diligently accomplished the training programme.

On Saturday I went running with Neja and Dejan. Firstly I must say something: I hate running in the mornings! :S I do not have the entire body strenght until I am awake for at least 8 hours. So we went running in the morning and of course I couldn’t follow their pace. Well, I am aware of the fact that I will never be as fast as she is but still it isn’t pleasant bumping into a fact that my progress in running is so slow … :)

But, of course I will not lose my motivation. This helps me being aware of my current limitations. I will keep moving them forward. ;)