Happy jogger diary – Week No. 5

This week I have started to understand Neja, who says she is constantly tired. It is only Wednesday and I am so tired it feels like Sunday … Let me explain. On Monday I trained with Neja again. It was great! :) It was so dinamic I could do it all day. First jogging from fitness to stadium, and there different excercises from sprints to obstacles. Then back jogging to fitness and excercises inside for different muscles. I prefer training like this over pure running.

But the next day … omg, what a pain in every muscle I have in my body! :D Obviously I am not in the same shape as she is. No shit, Manca! :P But, to brag myself a bit, I was quicker from her on the 30 and 40 meters! :D Does not count on 10 km, I know. :P

Yesterday I was training by myself. Again it was hard. I had 10 times one minute quick and minute and a half slowly. It is hard when you connect every element of training together.

But what I have noticed: I am learning to not give up when it gets hard. This switch can dramatically help my progress. Yeah.

Today I was training inside and it was good. Dejan was the leader and his trainings always the best. And as he knew that my body is in pain and could not do most of the excercises that we usually do. It was actually easier than I thought.

So, tomorrow 70 minutes of runnung, on Friday is the resting day, on Saturday half an hour jogging and 3 times 100 quick meters and on Sunday the match day. For the last time in Prekmurje. More about it in the next post. ;)