Happy jogger diary – Week No. 7 – New Newton

Ouch! :( I have just been running and it has never felt so painful. The Sunday race and the yesterday training left some consequences on my body. Again we had that looong (3 hours) training, that consists jogging, obsticles, sprints and fitness. I love those trainings because they make me feel like a professional. :P But on Tuesdays I am really tired. I could sleep all day …

This week I will buy new running shoes. :) Newton, of course, and this is the last thing for me to “obey” Dejan. :) Saucony shoes have dissapointed me, because they are like made of paper, too soft, indeed. I can throw them away only after 3 months.

These will be the new ones, kinda sexy, a? ;)

My new running shoes

My new running shoes


Also they are very special. I quote from the official website (newtonrunning.com): “Perfect for runners who crave the extra mile and demand a shoe that gives back what they put in. Limitless, endurance training and racing. Well rounded and power packed. Features forefoot and heel coverage for a dynamic ride that rewards you with every stride.” Yeah.

I got them today. My first pink running shoes. We went together on stadium in Kočevje to have solo training. My legs hurt in every corner of muscles, but I don’th think I should blame new shoes. I guess it’s Dejan’s fault. :P Just kidding. I think I didn’t get my rest from the last race. Or perhaps I was too busy partying … Oh well, it is December after all.