Gorenjska and Primorska region in a day

Slovenia is a boutique country but still you can go for a long one day trip with tons of kilometres. :) Well, we combined it with our neighbour Italy, but only due to the navigation that calculated that direction.

We started in Ljubljana and the final destination (every time I write down this two-worded phrase I remember the movies with this title :D) was Portorož. “Why not complicate?” we said and headed towards Kranjska Gora. :) My friend had an errand in Kobarid, and I suggested we go via Vršič to Kobarid and stop by the river Soča on the way. :) You remember my love for this emerald beauty, don’t you? :)

On the pass Vršič all the mountain beauty shows off … :)

Panorama on the way to Vršič

Panorama on the way to Vršič

In Kobarid we stopped for a cup of coffee and to set plan for the next destination: Goriška Brda. We needed to buy some wine there by some local winemaker. Have you ever been to Brda? It is so special … vineyards everywhere, wow. :)

We bought the wine by Uroš Jakončič from the winery Iaquin. He offered us a glass of Malvasia and all the answers to my wine questions, as well. ;) His guesthouse is absolutetey magnificent! So elegent and modern. With a true hospitality is a nest of a really quality service. I will definitely come back there for a glass (or a bottle;)) of his wine.

If you want to relax - Goriska Brda are the place

If you want to relax – Goriska Brda are the place

Of course I couldn’t help myself … always looking for details in feelings (or feelings in details). I kindly ask Uroš if he minds me going for a stroll in the wineyards. :) He nodded to my request so I went to set free my adventurous nature. :) I took some pictures and enjoyed in the quietness of the scene …

I went for a stroll in the vineyard

I went for a stroll in the vineyard

We then took off to the Portorož, with a small stop in Trieste for the sunset. :) Over 300 km and over 300 tiny moments that left smile on my face. And of course a new blog post. ;)


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