Dancing salsa again in Sputnik, finally! :)

Few days ago, on Wednesday, I went to salsa. Yes! :D After a really long time I finally had a chance to wear my gorgeous salsa shoes and let my self go enjoying salsa music …

I probably did not say that I dance salsa from time to time. :) Well, I do. I love this music, well, only for dancing, I could never listen to salsa music without actually dancing along. It is too specific, you need to be kind of prepared for it. But I like the dance, because it somehow embodies (well, em-musics :P) my character for being quick, dynamic and expressive. :)

This is one of my favourite salsa songs:

I had a great company, a girl and a guy, that I met few weeks ago. They invited me to join them in Sputnik for a dance evening and how could I refuse? ;) Everytime I go, though, I kind of acknowledge I am more of a solo dancer. :P I didn’t go to salsa lessons which is obvious if I dance with somebody who went. I just don’t know the steps and for that I get really unconfident. :S Everybody seems to know exatctly how to dance, where to move their legs and arms, but I get really uncomfortable in situations, when I don’t. And there are quite a few situations like that. :S

So I said to the new guy I met, that he should be easy on me with our first dance. It was quite ok and after a while I relaxed and enjoy every tone of it. And he said it is really nice dancing with me. :D That I know how to follow. :D Now that’s a compliment! :D How happy I am for that!

Not to mention that dancing can be a really welcome change to my running trainings, because it is different kind of moving. Love it! And on this Wednesday we repeat!

These are may beautiful dancing shoes.  They come with the funny story I like to share with the participants of my online marketing workshops. I saw this model in a Slovene store and they price was very high. And because I really like the glitters I was determined to find them cheaper on the web. Hm, I did actually but I spent 7 hours to find them. :D That kind of search on search engines indicates the persuasion to find something. :P They are something, arent’t they? :)


My salsa shoes

My salsa shoes



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