Happy jogger diary – Week No. 4

Last week I learned a lesson. And I learned it well. If you want to train jogging (or any other sport, of course), you need to… sleep! Yes, simple as that. :) On Wednesday I joined Dejan and Neja on their training, and the night before I had slept only four hours and something. Not enough! I could hardly breathe (again :P) when we finished. After jogging we went to fitness to do some exercises, and with them I didn’t have problems. It actually felt that the energy all of the sudden sneaked into my body. :))) It is true, though, that these workouts indoor are far more interesting than running itself. ;)

Perhaps you are asking yourselves, what in the world was I doing up so late in the middle of the week. :P Well, here it is. For about 2 months now I am starting my own business. I am constantly thinking about different opportunities and I have been sleepless ever since. J When I go to bed, my mind explode and I brainstorm about different organizations I have to contact, about titles of my lectures and so on.