I am a blogger and a jogger! :D Marketing manager of a Slovenian company Odeja and a digital marketing evangelist. :) Lover of discover – little places in Ljubljana, Slovenia and beyond.

In October 2013 I moved to Ljubljana. I used to live in Kočevje, a small city cca. 60 km to the South from Ljubljana. Moving has been a major change in my life, for the better, indeed.

From day one I have been the biggest fan of the capital due to its energy and liveliness, that surround every corner of the city. And for that I decide to start a blog, a virtual ode to Ljubljana. A blog, where I will reveal little secret places that I find during running or simply strolling around the streets.

Well, LoveLjubljana is not just about the places, where I like to enjoy the silence by taking a minute or two. It is also about my favourite places for having a cup of coffee or lunch, events that I attend and my trips to other places in our beloved Slovenia. Standing in the river is my thing

Standing in the river is my thing

Dear reader, hopefully you will enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. :)