A hug from my favourite Slovene novelist

Last few months I have unfortunately no time to read. I mean, books. Not hundreds of web marketing articles all over the forums, but a real book. One that you take into your hands and feel the story behind the cover. I am very picky when it comes to reading. I can’t read shallow stories or books with shallow writing style. As a matter of fact I was never a regular reader, because I just didn’t find the right author.

Until last year, I think, when I decided to read the most read Slovene novel after 2nd World War: “Čarovnikov vajenec”. It is a book about a journey within ourselves. I was astonished by the power of the writing style. It is like he knew exactly that there is somebody who is waiting for this book to come to her. I was so happy that I have finally found a novelist, that cathes my picky eye. So I have read about 10 of his novels, and every time I was so glad that these books managed to find me. My favourite so far is “Čaj s kraljico” (A Tee with the Queen), but there are still so many waing for my time.

My favourite Evald novel

My favourite Evald’s novel

Oh, the novelist’s name is Evald Flisar. :) And why am I talking about him? On Thursday I went to NUK (National University Library), where an opening of an exhibition took place. An exhibition about Flisar’s opus to celebrate his 70th birthday. :) Accidently I found about the event on napovednik.com and I thought to myself, well, this is a great opportunity to meet him. :)

So I went there, alone with my hungry cultural soul. At first there were some speakers, the principal of NUK, the president of the writers assocation and another, that I can’t recall. The climax of the official part of the event was Vlado Kreslin, a famous singer of Prekmurje, the region that both, him and Flisar, come from. He sang a few songs, this one among them.

When the official part was over, we were welcomed to see the exhibition. Many of his translated novels, pictures from theater performances and biographies. But I had only one wish … to shake hands with Flisar. :D I know it may sound silly. :P When I finished with the exhibition I was standing in front of the room, just a few metres from him, collecting courage to speak to him. Me, who is building an entire career aroud communication, was standing there and encouraging myself to not just stand there like some silly figure! :D So when he finished speaking with some guy he looked at me. I guess he was thinking to himself, who the hell is she and why is she standing there? :P So I stepped towards him and said that I just wanted to give him a hand and say that he is my favourite Slovene author. :D And he gave me his hand and hugged me! :D We had some small talk and then I left. :D Huh, what a story, a?! :P

Evald Flisar

Evald Flisar

The floor in the exhibition room

The floor in the exhibition room

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