A business lesson early in the morning

If you don’t have a regular 9-5 job, you have time to attend early events like Start-u Cafe in Sputnik today. This was the first time for me that I was present at any start up events, I have a feeling there are thousands of them lately. Which is good. Our generation needs such initiatives to set their future in the right direction. I am one of them, too. Not yet so far to start a business, but not so far away. There were two guests, the winners of the investors conference, and the theme was »how to convince the investor in 5 minutes«. I have to say that I was expecting more of this event. There were no communication with the audience, and it lasted only little more than half an hour.

What was interesting for me was meeting Maja Ferme, the popular clothes designer. I didn’t recognize her face, but as soon as she had introduced herself, I could immediately merge her face with the familiar name. :) And I have learned something very important from her.

I was there with two of my friends, and she was alone. All of the sudden she came to us and asked if she could join us. »Or I will die of boredom«, was her argument. Surely we welcomed her to our table and instantly she started talking about her business. I noticed her approach, with a determination to have the first and the last word. She was describing what and how is she doing, and we were asking her endless questions. She really has the ability to stand out elegantly and lead the conversation. So in business, I guess, all you need is the right way to communicate, talk about yourself. This is the point of attending this kind of events!

She was also asking me and my friend about social media. She knows that she has to use it, but not sure how. My friend was talking to her, and I have just sent her an e-mail with some comments about her new web site and Facebook page. I couldn’t resist. :) I hope it will be helpful.

Oh, another thing landed on my mind from this morning: the investors are looking for people with the product, not other way around. Note to myself as as almost new born entrepreneur! ;)

Networking in Sputnik

Networking in Sputnik