One day, three waterfalls and three lakes

What I love the most about nature is water. :) In any form, but waterfally and lakes are my favourites. And last Sunday brought loads of my water. :)

I went on a trip with my friend who knows the website by hard. :D I mean, seriously! Wherever we go, she knows where are the starting points for any attraction.:)

This time we took off to Gorenjska to visit 3 lovely waterfalls and 3 lakes. My favourite water and favourite number (3). :)

Firstly we went to Gozd Martuljek and its 2 Martuljek waterfalls. We were walking approximetely 2 hours alltogether which is just right fot my restless character. :P They are so stunningly beautiful! How come we don’t know them?! Not so many visitors, especially on the secret path along the stream.

The first Martuljek waterfall

The first Martuljek waterfall

Martuljek waterfall number one - the secret path

Martuljek waterfall number one – the secret path

Martuljek waterfall number one - the path

Martuljek waterfall number one – the path

As we continued walking through the not to difficult forest road we didn’t expect the adventure that was waiting for us at the second waterfall. :)

AS we arrived after 45 minutes the first immpression was kind of dissappointing. Almost no water to see. :( Then we saw the fence on the rocks. O-ou, I thought to myself. Here it goes … I won’t say I cannot do this. “Let’s go up!” I encouraged us. And so we went climbing with no ropes, no helmets, no security equipment whatsoever. Such an adrenaline it was! Step by step to the most stunning scene ever! We climbed to the heart of the waterfall and felt the pure strenght of the Mother Nature. You may say I act like a philosopher or a poet, but in places like that you really feel how smal you are. I started screaming out of joy to experience such a powerful scene. :)

Stunning scene after climbing

Stunning scene after climbing

After 2 waterfalls we took off to Zelenci. A small lake that embodies the perfect green colour! Peaceful, only a few fish swimming with the Sunday laziness.

Lake Zelenci

Lake Zelenci

No need for a stroll around Zelenci :D

No need for a stroll around Zelenci :D

Next destination were Belopeška lakes in Italy. 2 lakes with different characters. :) First wirh an emerald green colour and a lot of visitors scrolling, sunbathing and beering (drinking beer, obviously) and the other wit a big glade with people lying on a hammock or playing around. We walked around the first on a nice trail, but a lots of tree roots.


The last waterfall Peričnik was a special experience, too. We could walk behind it! Drops of water are everywhere, it feels klike raining. :)

I was at home early and at first I was planning to go for a short run, but I was so pleasently tired, so I afforted myself a movie. :)

What a weekend! I could get used to these trippy weekends! :))

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